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My First Passion

sheza chattha
3 min readSep 26, 2022
Kashawn Hernandez

Thank you note for All my Followers.

Everyone has any kind of Passion and My first Passion is cricket!

literally, I am confused to share it or not. But I will share 😍

How did I think to share?

I’m a teacher. One day I sat on the chair in the classroom and think Sheza

why not share About your Cricket Passion? I love to play Cricket in Childhood. But I'm not watching any matches on t.v. I always play cricket with my Cousins and Brother.

A One Day:

A very Hot day of Summer. My Match was with my cousin. We made a team, at this time, My age is around about 11 to 12. The match starts with a Toss. MY cousin Win the toss and he chooses to bat first. In my Team 4 players. We had a bet of 20 rupees.

We bowled him in the very first over, he was not accepting. we decided to bowl again and he bowled again. We Played Three matches and we won the match as well as the bet. His age (is 20). He was not tolerated again.

He came to our home and said to return my all payment. But I refused.

I said to my Mom Why should We return the money? we played on such a hot day. He got angry with me 🤗 Unfortunately My partners returned the money😑

Etienne Girardet

How did I start to watch Cricket on t.v?

My family watch the match and said to me Come here we show you a hard hitter batsman You Know who he is? (One & Only Boom Boom Shahid Afridi) Match Played between Pak vs Aus. Here is the Turning Point.

From there I started watching the match on T.v. Then I become the Biggest Fan Of Shahid Afridi. I watched all the There formate of Cricket.

Unknown Feelings:

I don’t know the strange feeling before starting the match. I fully slept, but when the time Comes to start the match I feel something strange and suddenly my eyes opened. it’s a test match that started at 2: am Pakistani time.

How I watch Match:

Now I slowly come down From My Bed. Turn The voice on Mute. Because I don’t want to disturb My family. When I’m at University Then on Sunday a match was planned to play between Pak and India and the next day I had my biomechanics paper.

I said to my friend finish the syllabus as soon as possible before starting the match. Wo go to mess for lunch and one of my friend said today Pakistan Lost the Match.

Oh Ho. I lost my mind and throw the spoon. Then she said sorry. MY Hands and feet get cold when I watch the match ( Not every match😀)

Do I have the similar Passion Now:

The answer is not. Why?🤔

When PAK lost the T20 world cup. My heart Was broken Then its the end of My passion However not completely. Presently I Have no sort of Strange sentiments from which my Eyes are opened.

I love to watch pak Cricket matches. Pakistan is my heart❤



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